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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chelsee And Starr Online Together!

LCN Chelsee Travels Hundreds of miles to bang Starr! Live!Alarming hotness online live, batman!! I almost forget these two were going to be live in the same boudoir together!

Right = so, as posted in their profile, "Chelsee has fallen madly in lust with STARR! She is so horny for Starr that she is travelling cross country and plans to meet up with Starr this Wednesday at 11pm eastern time!"

And you know what? She has...

No time to write about it now, just log in or register free and check out the chat lesbo show!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Any Day Is Tuesday Day at LCN!

LCN Tuesday is a soccer freak!We've been seeing LCN Chat Chick Tuesday more often lately, which is a good thing.

She's a brunette with striking eyes and neat hip tattoos and an intense soccer fetish. Right now she's wearing black fishnet to help accentuate her one pierced nipple.

Get to know her, and remember this (from her bio): " I will do almost anything for someone who compliments me on exactly what I want to hear at that moment."

Also gracing your widescreen windows right now is Elena, who seems a little shy with her glasses and plaid skirt, but seems to like it hard and kinky (no, I won't tell you; you'll have to ask her heh).

Don't forget tomorrow is the live event LCN Fans have been waiting for: the Chelsee-Starr matchup at the latter's very own home boudoir - live online!

Don't miss the fun...

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Natalia Will Cure What Ail Ya

Hot new LCN babe NataliaBack again with a few more tid bits and sweet tweets from in the form of new chat babe Natalia!

Though she just went through training, doesn't have any helpful info in her bio yet, and basically makes what she's saying very difficult to understand by virtue of the fact that her hotness level is set to VERY LOUD, you can still tell she's a shy, sweet girl yearning to explode into new levels of orgasm...

Or something like that. Anyhow, she's so new there's really nothing much to say about her except - time to log in!

Also online right now providing stiff (soft, sexy) competition is slinky busty Xev, which is not much contrast at all considering we're talking two hawt babes as much fun to talk with as to watch... slowly... disrobe...

Ok, time to go chat.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Martina Warren Vs. The LCN Girls!

Martina Warren and Kedra and Ivy go head-to-head at LCN!Tonight is crazy fun at!

First there's insanely saucy Penthouse Pet Martina Warren online and rocking her chatroom in mad, Englishe fun.

Then there's the unique, ribald, proper, study-in-contrasts Ivy online as well, vying for as much chatroom attention.

And then there's killer Kedra logged in at the same time - the most amazing of LCN Girls all online at once, plus one who's a celeb!

I don't think anyone of the ladies will win or lose tonight - they'll have their fun.

But the guys online (one of which I shall shortly become) are really the winners here, faced with such an embarrassment of choices...

Just wanted to update the whole situation online tonight. I'll be back tomorrow with more, and hopefully some hot comments from some of you (and please make them publishable!)

Until then, see ya after the lady races!

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Martina Says Hello LiveCamNetwork

Well well well.... this is very cool indeed.

Straight from her backyard, Miss Martina Warren has recorded a video hello addressed to specifically LiveCamNetwork members - by name!

Does she mention yours?

You don't need to be careful about the volume, since the audio on this clip is low - in fact you might have to crank it up to hear what she's saying!

All this is in advance of Martina's four-hour live video chat session (in widescreen HD of course) starting at 9:00 PM EST tomorrow, Friday May 22nd, right here on

Right now online we have the two longest tallest leggiest LCN Girls chatting for you - kinky submissive Ava and sci-fi nerd Cassie - and they're both coming in private as I write this.

You can always spy on the action...

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Starr and Chelsee Sitting in a Tree...

Starr Will Feature Guest ChatHostess Chelsee...Well well... LCN Girl Chelsee has been absent of late, and there's a good reason: she's travelling. Seems like she's ended up in home-based LCN Girl Starr, and that the two will team up for a 2-girl show in the near future.

Starr posted in the LiveCamNetwork BBS about the event, which will take place on Wednesday the 27th of May, at 11:00 PM EST.

"She has promised to bring the Sailor Jerry," writes Starr. "As long as I bring the...*ahem*... props. Since she is going to be a guest in my home, I promise to be real good to her!!"

Hmm I wonder if Chelsee is planning on visiting any of the other chat hostesses spread out over Canada, where she's currently a nomad.

Meanwhile, why not catch up with lovely blonde nerd Elena, who's online for a few hours as I write this, or drop by a little later for a little Kedra action.

And don't forget to be there this Friday for the super saucy return to LCN of Penthouse Pet Martina Warren!

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Kedra and Xev Live Lesbian Lovers

Kedra and Xev Getting Hot in the Chat Room...Well there's less than half an hour left before the Kedra-Xev Birthday Bi-Girl Event!

That's right, Kedra is "giving herself" a birthday present in the form of a 2-girl show with Xev... or is it that Xev is giving bum-buddy Ked a birdthday present in the form of ... herself? l

Log in to find out in about 29 minutes...

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kedra Celebrates Her Birthday Live With Xev...

Kedra and Xev Will paddle themselves senseless.Oooh sweeet! Dark-haired Kedra will be having a Happy Birthday live, on cam, with flame-red headed Xev this Friday night at!

The idea was born spontaneously last night when the girls were online and Xev "dropped in" to Ked's room.

"Xev and I had a little fun in free chat, last night," Kedra wrote in the LiveCamNetwork BBS. "I'm not sure if I'm skeerd or way too excited to think straight!"

"Doing 2girl private and if I can get things the way I want it, maybe a cake," Xev, who is apparently talented with a paddle, wrote in her turn. One wonders if she means they'll be getting messy heheh...

Kedra is a renowned perv and loves doing girl-girl shows; you might say she's the LCN Horndog when it comes to couple shows.

And Xev, well, Xev just likes the kink of what she knows is gonna happen in there that night.

Meanwhile, drop by and test out the widescreen, high def chat rooms with tittilating tattooed Ivy, or the home-based high quality video with gothabilly alt-babe Violet Manson.

That ought to give you a taste of what you'll miss if you don't log in this Friday (May 15th) at 9:00 PM EST.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

LCN Girl News, Views and Updates

MILF Lara Ann a curvy New LCN Girl.Things are rolling along smoothly at the LiveCamNetwork comunity.

Chat hostess Starr has announced in the BBS she'll be logging in regularly now that she's been accepted to medical school, Lara Ann posted her intro as a new LCN Girl, ASFR fetishist member pnutpup1 started a thread of LCN Girls Photoshopped into dolls, and the new Star Trek movie has merited it's own thread which will surely elevated the nerd level of the site significantly.

Other than that, well, sexy redhead mistress Xev has just logged on, va-voom Vienna is finishing her chat in about a half hour, and sexy-eyes Kedra will be cranking up the horny vibes at about 8:00 PM.

Just another kinky, sensual nerd-girl filled day at the site. Plenty to see, don't turn away, move along... to the next chat room, and the next, and the next... 


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Friday, May 08, 2009

Wild, Wicked Tracii Is Back on LCN!

Blue-eyed brunette Tracii in the flesh.Wannabe nurse and esthetician babe Tracii hasn't logged into LiveCamNetwork is a long time...

Guess she was too busy with her "real-world" carreer...

But as promised in her LCN Girl Profile, Tracii (also known as Wicked on LiveCamNetwork) has managed to make some time for one of her favorite fetishes - chatting and pleasuring herself in front of guys live at LCN.

And she's even wearing a white lab coat, for those of you who care for those things...

So welcome her back after a long haul and if you find she's a little too busy in VIP, well, you can always check out who else is logged on...

At the moment, for example, is hi-def chat chick and tattooed lust goddess Ivy, and of course the insanely fun, kinky and horny Kedra, who is rocking a full room as I write this...

So... time to make a choice, boys...

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Vanity Fair Shoot With Ava and the LCN Girls

Nerdy LCN Girl Elena in glasses.Some preview pics of the shoot for Vanity Fair done with the LCN Girls have been posted on the LiveCamNetwork BBS for us to see.

Obviously these are behind-the-scene pictures, not what will end up in the magazine or on the cutting room floor even, but they're fun and sexy as well as having the advantage of being accompanied by the images of what went on after the shoot.

Seems it was a warm, sunny day, and the ladies put on their cool shades and headed over to the nearest patio for some pitchers and fun. Check them out here!

Right now online is Ava (seen messing around with the ladies in the picture here), and worthy of note today/tonight will be Ivy and Kedra - all, of course, in live high definition widescreen video!


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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Elena's Classic Geek and Sexy Habits

Nerdy LCN Girl Elena in glasses.Online at right now is relative newbette Elena.

Elena has a head of frizzy blonde hair, has real short-sight so she wears glasses all the time, and usually likes to wear a plaid skirt and a white blouse, tied at the midriff.

The "schoolgirl" - who is really a college girl - describes herself "a classic geek", a writer of horror and erotica stroes.

Another Star Trek fan (many geek girls are sci-fi fans), Elena is into domination and sadism, and likes it "from behind."

"My ass is fine art," she writes in her bio at LCN. "I have heard that the view is quite something."

Amen. Drop by her chat room and judge for yourself.

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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Martina Warren Returns To LiveCamNetwork

Blue Eyed Martina Naked and Live at LCN! has announced that Penthouse Pet Martina Warren will be back on the web-waves chatting live on May 22nd.

Warren, who last appeared September 2008, had such a good time she chose to return and enjoy another four-hour chat with LCN Members who were ultimately treated to a very sexy... well, ok, completely naked celebrity live show from the model with the most stunning blue eyes in the biz.

In other news, heh, we have a new Twitter feed which was also announced on twitter of course - join and follow the LiveCamNetwork Twitter now, it's easy and it's free!

Talk to you all later!

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Friday, May 01, 2009

New Chat Chick "Faves" Function

Ivy's classic features contrast with the tats! has experimented often with new functions to the sites, such as performer galleries and the like. But they were often dropped, it seemed, because they were secondary to the main purpose of the site: interactive, sexy live video chat.

So that's why this "MyFaves" thing, which is really very simple, is quite cool.

The way it works is after you log in, a check-box appears in the chat room. Click that, and you'll get an email each time one of your LCN "Faves" schedules herself.

Very convenient for knowing when to be taking that work break or set the television to record a show, or when you just don't have the time right now to sit back and chat with the ladies.

You can go ahead and try right now. Again, registration at is free, and you can "test the waters" so to speak by checking out LCN's tattoo princess Ivy (pictured) or the long-legged and pierced-nippled Ava.

Both are in hi def Widescreen which makes them look all the lovelier, and likely to make you add them to your faves.

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