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Monday, June 29, 2009

LCN Xev and Monday's Surprise!

Artsy nude pics with LCN Tuesday are hawt.LCN Xev posted in the LiveCamNetwork BBS that she's going to have a shock Monday Surprise for chatters when she logged in tonight.

I won't tell you what it was, but if you check out her site profile picture, here: - you will understand!

In other news, tall, classy saucy Cassie is online with her mindful of useless sci-fi literature and cinema trivia, making it impossible NOT to care about the Andorian embassador's first name in the old Star Trek tv show.

OH and I forgot to mention there's more and bigger pics of the girls at LiveCamNetwork, I don't quite know what's happenning but seems to be some major changes and stuff...

Anyhow, I posted a picture of LCN Girl Tuesday just because it's nice, though she's not on and won't be on until Thursday. Meh, tell me you don't like. There's also a bunch of pics of the girls at the new TwitPic thing - check it out now!

Talk to y'all later :)

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Chelsee is Back Live Tonight

So after a long trip out to the nether regions of Canada, where she dropped in for a few shows with home-boudoir-based Starr and her nether-regions, Chelsee will be logging in tonight at LiveCamNetwork with a new, road-inspired look.

Actual quote from the LiveCamNetwork BBS: "my private parts are warm and squishy with love just thinking about it!"

Oh, and the best part: *squeeeeeeeee*

Time to update those pics of her!

Also not updated and also online is Elena, with her dark, tight new look - check 'em all out for real live updates!

I will post a pic when it is updated!

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