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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tomorrow's Xev's Night - Gonna Be AllRight!

As mentioned earlier this month, the 25th of July was the firt-year anniversary of LCN Xev at (Happy first year!).

Now Xev wanted to celebrate online in a special way but couldn't do it that night, so tomorrow, July 31, a 7:00 PM EST is the designated night.

So far LCN Ladies Chelsee, Ava (who's bringing in a special game of "Anal Ring-Toss"), and Elena (and probably more) have confirmed their attendance (and probably more, heheh).

Meanwhile you can enjoy the webcam wiles and cam charisma of aforementioned Elena and newbee cutie Boa who are currently chatting in their special widescreen rooms...

Get a taste of tomorrow's special event...

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mystery Chat Hostesses And WebCam

Although cam girl Chloe20 writes "I'm new to this so forgive me if I'm a little nervous," in her profile... you have to see her new LiveCamNetwork Gallery and check her out on line to wonder if she isn't being a little coy...

The red-head hottie has a proclivity for schoolgirl uniforms (with cuffs!) and a recently developed taste for submission, she writes...

The thing is your chance of catching her depends on your timezone or sleeping habits, because it's usually really late, after midnight here in North America...

If you're going to be all smeepy weepy at that time, go ahead and check out the current selection online at LCN -

There's the lovely Tuesday who is currently going all sports-freaky in a brand new red AIG soccer t-shirt of some kind, and match your wits and watch her ... blue eyes as she dazzles you with both, of coure I mean miss Cassie, who will be with us until eleven AM tonight (eastern time).

And if you can stay up late enough, try to catch Chloe...

Good night or good luck!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Highlights and Twilights and Nice Girls Too

Boa is the latest hottest LCN GirlFirst off, let's just mention that Nattasha (aka Natasha Nice) will be online again tonight at

That gotten out of the way, let us also say you'll be able to see the freshest LCN Girl recruit online tonight as well, in all her red-head glory and nerdy-girl glasses.

Boa (that's her "name") reads. "I am a fan of literature," she writes in her too-short online bio. "Thus the name Boa."

If you don't understand what she means, you'll just have to log in and ask her yourself live. it will be a pleasure (for you).

Apart from Boa, the frizzy blonde haired Elena will also be online tonight, which means it's going to be a bookworm's choice here of which brainy, nerdy and literate lady to take to private chat heheh...

Anda that's it for upcoming ladies. Currently onliny is the increasingly slim Chelsee, who must be doing something... exhausting, or at the very least calorie-burning, to be losing weight and looking so... inviting, shall we say?

End of post, beginning of evening... have fun!

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Avalicious Chat Chicks Both Pro And Amateur

Ava is a professional amateur... webcam girl.But which is which?

Is a porn starlet a professional even if she has only been video chatting a short while?

Or is a webcam girl working from home or even a studio more of a chat professional than a porn starlet?

I guess we'll find out but dropping by for a few hours.

Actually, Studio Manager and Chat Hostess trainer Ava is currently online in a hot cool-blue summer dress and ... oh, not anymore :P

So where was I? Yeah so tonight was going to be a chance to challenge a seasoned pro against an Ava-trained newbette online and live - with Nattasha (aka Natasha Nice) returning later tonight (click her to check her schedule) and new LCN Girl Boa, who was in training last night.

But it seems Boa had to cancel so we won't get that raw-recruit vs. pro thing happening... ah, welll...

Right now you can catch the elegant miss Elena online as well as Ava, so enjoy until the pro turns up.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Live Chat Hostess Games and Celebrity Girl

Ok it's fun to drop into a chat room at sometimes 'cause you never quite know what you're going to find...

For example just now in LCN Chelsee's room you can find wildcat Xev and studio manager AVA (in bra no less) coming up with a weird version of charades they want to play at the next online panty party they're going to hold.

It seems to involve drinking and smacking each other's butts too... interesting.

You also never know when you're going to bump into a pornstar. Really.

While lately they've been advertising miss Georgia Jones for Friday, there suddenly appeared Lindsey Dawn Mackenzie the other day, and we were wondering yesterday if this new performer who popped up out of nowhere was well known or a "starlet"... and yeah, it turns out that "Nattasha" is actually "Natasha Nice", porn star and big boob model... so there's something happening here lately (see last few entries).

We'll keep an eye out, and an ear to the ground...

Meanhwile, at the other end of the spectrum, Ava is now personally training potential new LCN Girl Boa while site regular Tuesday shows off her lust for soccer along with other girly things...

See ya then!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Busty Women In Lingerie Can Make You Go Hmmm

Things that make us go hmmm...I tell ya, I pointed it out earlier and now it's happened again. This new girl Nattasha on seems to be a known porn star or model or something...

Has another well-known adult entertainer logged into LCN to wows us with their... innocuousness?

I mean it's not like there's ads out there and promotional blitzkriegs... I dunno, it's weird. Unless they're just trying it out, testing the waters, as it were. First Linsey, then Georgia on Friday, but now "Nattasha"?

Feel free to post a comment to let me know I'm wrong or right here...

Anyhow Nattasha's room is pretty busy, and LCN Girl Cassie's always seems to be in VIP so you would have to SPY on her ...

But if you like healthy-chested chicks with 'tude and a sense of humour who know how to webcam - go hit up delicious Xev, who's cracking me up right now... while dressed in sheer sexy bra and see-through panties and ... a toy, that just happens to be turned on in the right NUF SAID.

I wonder what's going to happen tomorrow... ?

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Linsey Dawn Logs In and Gets Down

Ivy's classic features and sexy tattoos.So "LinseyDawn" aka Linsey Dawn Mackenzie really did log in and wowed the guys at LiveCamNetwork yesterday - even flashing a little of her major (surgically reduced) cleavage while she was at it.

Seems she had a good time and Linsey will be back next Monday as well - regularly!

Now we have the slim and sexy Georgia Jones to look forward to, Friday at 8:00 PM EST.

Until then, there's lotsa hotties to actually chat and have fun with online - the LCN Girls currently online are incadescent Ivy and her fabulously tattooed body in plain site, as well as sexy nerd with glasses Elena.

Later on don't miss the entertaining zany of buxom Xev and the site's resident sexy sci-fi geek, super-tall Cassie.

Meanwhile, tick tock tick tock...

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Celebrity Live Cam Week at LiveCamNetwork?

What the heck is going on? Are they attracted by the super high quality widescreen video chat rooms? Or is there some kind of PR voodoo going on attracting beautiful well-known web models to

Last time we announced that Georgia Jones would be appearing July 24th... but just today we spotted Linsey Dawn Mackenzie's profile posting a chat date of Monday, July 20th at 3 o'clock Eastern time...

That's it, no fanfare, no advertisement... just a picture of the busty british bird and her hours...

Well, I know where I'll be Monday.

Meanwhile, don't miss the classy and sassy real LCN Girls! Currently online at LiveCamNetwork is the long, lovely leggy redhead Cassie.


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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Woot! Upcoming Live Sex Chat Events

Georgia Jones will work hard for you LIVE!LiveCamNetwork is back on track with their event schedule, featuring this two girly-fun events in the shape of one celeb babe and an anniversary chat party!

First off let's deal with the cutie in the photo. That's model extraordinaire Georgia Jones, who apart from the hundreds of sets and videos available of her out there, will be taking time (four hours!) to chat live on LiveCamNetwork this Friday, July 24th.

Then there's the lovely young Charlie who is online and in-training with studio mistress Ava as I type this.

I can't tell you anything about her though just because she's too new... so find out for yourself and go easy on the purdy thankg, she's a webcam virgin.

And finally there is the first year anniversary of the unstoppable Xev, who's first year she says in the BBS will occur on the 25th, but who wants to commemorate the occasion in style and with a few other ladies of LCN at once, "around the 31st".

So don't miss the busty blonde's (she's going back to her natural color from fire-engine red in gradients) updates and announcement on the BBS or in her profile to know exactly when that will be...

Chat on!

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