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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Interesting New Changes At LiveCamNetwork

Guess who's biting chelsee, post a comment response, and get $20!Speaking of things that make you go hmmm....

LiveCamNetwork has been announcing a new upgrade to their video system so we don't have to update our Java and get stupid warnings from IE when we try to enter their chat rooms.

It's a good move, and plus we'll be able to enter chat rooms from any browser - Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc... even on Macs!!

But enter at your own risk, because you won't be used to the format! It's ... just not like it usually its.

But it's not important really is it, it's the ladies... and right now online we have long legs and cop costume wearing Ava, home-based (and much pervier) Kedra - who can do your smoking sex fantasy since she's in her own boudoir, and elongated Elena (her video is a little screwy for some reason) filling up the fan fantasies...

Check it out and comment here about any issues you might encounter.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chelsee Rocks, Elena Sweats, And They're All Naked

Guess who's biting chelsee, post a comment response, and get $20!Ahh... one hot thing about a geek chick is that she's usually smart and has good taste in music.

Right now, funky punk Chelsee is listening to punky funky tunes of The Cure and chatting away, bringing us all a little closer to nerd nirvana... I mean, THE CURE?

How cool can you get. Right now it's as cool as they can get, the LCN Studios' Air Conditioning is apparently on the blink and Chelsee is rubbing ice cubes all over her shinning skin, and inside against her nipples... quite pleasant!

Another lovely lady showing gleaming, sweaty skin online right now is the recently-red-headed Elena, whose glasses keep slipping down her nose she's so slippery.

She's also sucking on the straw to one of those gigantic slushes, blue-flavored it looks like. And she's naked.

It's just so hot she's taken all her clothes off and is cutting off the salient bits at the bottom of the frame with the camera... sometimes hah.

Anyhow more to come, with Georgia Jones online tomorrow and Ivy and Cassie online tonight, we will all have our own ways of cooling off.

Cool down!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kedra Cowgirl and Ava Whip Lash

Tonight's turning out to be a powerhouse night at with a simul-booking of sleek & sexy Ava and curvy pervy Kedra - on at the same time, which will cause you to be switching from one room to another.

So there's no reason for the title of this blog post except it seems that it's been forever since Kedra's profile pic was changed, and so I dug around and found that hawt cowgirl leather bra image heh.

Then there's "whip lash"... I don't know, I just know Ava often whips out a slut paddle or peddles up a short whip and so it just seems to suit the theme fine...

OH and yes I wanted to make sure you could take a look at our new gallery featuring Georgia Jones, this Friday's Featured live video starlet.

Always turns out to be good reasons for some things (as if we need a good reason to post about the LCN Girls).

Party on!

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Stars Come Out At Night

Just some quick notices here to let you know the starlet connection deepens with as Nattasha Nice logs in again tonight at 8:00 PM EST.

And Penthouse/Twistys/etc. favorite Georgia Jones returns for another great Friday night online appearance after the triumph of her first one two weeks ago.

Meanwhile the real stars at LiveCamNetwork are online to give you your dose of webcam women with new and fabulous Boa's alt-girl quirkiness, and the bustalicious blonde attraction of miz Xev.

Oh, and if you notice a certain ... lack of consistency with the "look" of LCN today, it's because some online experiments with design are being conducted. No need to panic.

Seeya in the chat rooms!

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