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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

C And C Come Together at Last!

Well Chloe20 and Chelsee have finally managed to get their tech-stuff together and log in under a new account - CandC - on!

The news comes just in time for Chelsee to be leaving for home again, to leave them to logging in on their separate accounts for now... at least until one visits the other again.

Seems Chelsee is going to delay her trip home, though, so they can do a few more shows together. Apparently it was as good for them as it was for us...

Or, as gentleman chatter RezaRex put it: "Not since the infamous Reese's campaign... Hey! you got chocolate in my peanut butter! ... Well, you got peanut butter on my chocolate! ... have any two been a more delicious combination!"

Online right now you can get another double-whammy (no, not a two-girl show) from LCN Ava, who's been on quite a bit of late, and the delectable blue-eyed Kedra - who hasn't been on quite nearly enough.

See you people online!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Girl-a-Thong Coming!

The boys will be hopping in their chairs when they learn has announced another Girl-a-Thong is coming up.

Thing is, they might not even notice. It hasn't exactly been splashed all over the site, just a casual mention in a short paragraph in the middle of the main page...

It seems this edition's theme is going to be, appropriately, "Back To School". Does this mean the LCN Girls will all be in plaid skirts and pony tails? Who knows? We'll be sure to keep you up to date!

We're hoping that recently-announced returns such as Sophie and Suki will be in on the party!

Meanwhile, enjoy a little gallery of the hot Asian chat hostess.

Someone who may know a little more about the upcoming GaT would be fine-assed Ava, who's online at 7:00 PM tonight. Drop in and ask her a few questions why don't you? You can post your info in our comments.

You can also enjoy the tender tittilations and pierced pleasures of tattooed Ivy, for a contrast, and ask her if she plans to be there too...

See you in the chat rooms!

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Webcam Women Comebacks Coming Up

Red-haired Russian KatrinaB on LiveCamNetworkA recent article on Webcam Models from the BBC claims there are increasingly more women working as sex chat hostesses, due largely to the "sluggish economy."

Maybe that explains why there are many happy returns announced on today?

A look at the schedule and the LCN BBS shows that not only can we look forward to re-appearances from busty Asian seductress Suki and innocently naughty Sophie, but this Friday announces the return to the scene of KatrinaB.

Featured in season one of the Canadian docu-series about the adult industry, Webdreams,KatrinaB is the raunchy red-headed Russian porn starlet who's also an author, having had her novel "Pornartgraphie: ou La Naissance de Valerie" published in France.

She's been working on a translation, as well as a second novel, and hasn't been working in front of the camera much lately, so it's nice to see her again... and again, and again...

You'll catch her live on LCN this Friday night starting at 7:00 PM, EST - don't miss her, that accent will make you feel like James Bond with a hard-on...

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

MissTyra's Gentle German Charms

MissTyra's Subtle German AccentsWunderbar! Sexy German chat hostess MissTyra is attracting quite a few fans at it seems...

MissTyra's short pageboy hair and perky boobs are just the beginning from this smart, sassy and definitely kinky, multi-lingual babe, and that helps explain her sudden popularity.

Rather than just camp in Group Chat waiting for guys to pay to see if she's as cute as her picture (she's even better), or type in silence for you to take her private, Tyra is an open-armed breath of fresh air who likes to talk movies and books as much as leashes and foot sex.

Do yourselves a favor and drop by her chat room...

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Violet Manson Back On Cam, So Cam on Back!

Well fans of Gothabilly babe Violet Manson should be rejoicing when they read this - the long-absent chat hostess and reigning Original LCN Girl will be logging in tomorrow at 1:00 PM EST.

And since this is a little early... How about a little gallery?

In other news, Chloe20 and Chelsee, sequestered in Chloe's boudoir together for the last week, have NOT been able to log in together for their much anticipated first-time lesbian liason (for Chloe at any rate), due to some issues she's having with her computer or webcam or connection or something.

They've been keeping fans updated (with breath bated) via the LiveCamNetwork BBS.

And finally, it seems that 2-way Camming will be returning to LCN - with zero delay, and real-time motion.

Tonight our menu features something for everyone, including the extendible, edible Ava, who'll reign you in as she unleashes her online lust cornucopia starting at 7:00 PM.

If you really need to put your teeth into something right now, why not take a bite out of Elena, who's pleasing the fetish boys as you read this.

See tomorrow in Violet's room!

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Double Diddling Duos Tonight On LiveCamNetwork

Silly picture chopped together to show Chloe20 ravished by Chelsee...Hooba!

Tonight, features not just one but TWO live lesbian shows, one after the other.

See, what happened, was, last night, Chloe20 and Chelsee just couldn't get online because they were partying it up too much ... or something like that.

So they rescheduled their show for tonight, 11:00 PM EST... RIGHT AFTER the Xev-Kedra battling-bi-sexuals show ends...

And the Xev solo show will actually be starting at 7:00 PM and then be joined at the lips with Kedra at 9:00 PM so she can have a couple hours with her special online guys...

So ... don't miss it eh?

Meanwhile you can while away the time with lovely, regular Elena - who will shock you with some of her sex tails and tales....

See you tonight!

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Natalia Hurt and Bi-Girls At Both Ends

Xev and Ked Sitting in a Tree...
Well it had to happen sooner or later. Chloe20 was always dropping in on Chelsee, and Chelsee always dropping in on Chloe20, and then the IMing and the VOIPing... and now, Chelsee has finally announced in the BBS:

"I will not be performing from the studio over the next two weeks, instead, I'll be kickin' it at an undisclosed location otherwise known as, Chloe20's bedroom."

So check out the schedule boys, and expect a date announced for a pretty intense girl-girl event or five over the next couple of weeks at

In other news, saucy-cute Natalia cancelled her appearance yesterday because she dislocated her shoulder. BUT she will is on today, most probably favoring one hand over the other (heheheheh).

And last but not least, during the evening, due to some router issues or something, LCN had to close one of its studio rooms... forcing LCN's busty blonde Xev to share live cam rooms with bi-lusty brunette Kedra...

Which goes to show good can always come (ahem) of any bad situation, and all's well when ends are well endowed... or something.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Sex Toys and Monday Night Football Geeks

Uh-oh. It's kick-off night for Monday Night Football in the US and that means the chat rooms at are going to be buzzing....

It's looking like Kedra the new Orleans Saints fanatic at the site is going to be kicking back and enjoy some play-by-play from her roomful of fans.

You don't HAVE to be a sports geek to be a Kedra fan, but it helps.

For example, she's writing about Football in the LiveCamNetwork Forums and saying things like "Look at how KC was functioning like a hive-mind and then shot it all to hell"... hm, that's just like her to meld sci-fi metaphors into sports talk...

Anyhow if you're a sports freak, it is strongly suggested you  drop by Kedra's room tonight. You'll get an earful, and there's nothing better than meeting a chick who digs your sport.

If you aren't a sports fan, go see the whacky horny bookworm Elena - there will definitely less testosterone in the air in her room.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Last Night On LCN and Naked Pics!

Blued eyed redhead naught Chloe20LiveCamNetwork loves naughty, nerdy amateur webcam babes who play with themselves and each other... but there's been lots of talk about this new LCN Girl who chats from home, Chloe20.

Thing is, she's only on late at night.. as though maybe she's a little TOO naughty, a little TOO dirty for regular sex-chat hours?

A quick browse of the LiveCamNetwork BBS shows people aren't just saying she's cute, and this and that... but seem to experience something a little more special once in private...

Things like "intense, sexy, funny, smart", "I love her muslce spasms", and "WOW she knows how to use her fingers"... etc.

All this just a few weeks after we first introduced her as shy, nervous webcam virgin.

I guess LCN Studio Manager Ava sums Chloe up best:

"It is obvious that she is someone filled with sweet caring and a deep perversion bursting at the seams!"

Right now online you don't want to miss super sexy nerd Elena, who when she isn't in some kinky office clothes (usually at the beginning of her shift) is completely naked all the time... thanks to her clever camera work heheh.

And after a long absence, boobalicious nubile Natalia is finally online again. BUT you may have a hard time chatting or seeing her unless you spy on her room (which you can)... so here's a nice sexy picture of her from the BBS.

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Natalia Returns, Cassie Becomes Real Schoolgirl

After a long summer vacation, sexy busty Natalia returns... tanned.Just as in life, there's bad and good in cam chat land... and in this case the good is very good, and the bad is very bad.

First the bad news; Cassie, that long-leggedy beast of beauty and brains who could outspin anyone of us out of play with sci-fi trivia is going back to school, which she will need to attend full-time.

So like last year many are left hanging without her bi-weekly dose of up close and personal (and those legs, and those eyes and... well, sigh, never mind anymore)... at least until March Break hehheh.

Tonight, September 3rd will be her last log in for a while.

Now, for the good news. Back from a world-wearying-vacation tour is saucy, sexy smart chickasaurus Natalia.

You may remember her, and her foamy naked shower video, a complete videochat virgin when she started and a very fast learner.

She'll be back with her erudition and eroticism tomorrow night (that's Friday, Sept. 4th) at 7:00 PM EST.

Meanwhile online now and this evening you have Ivy's tantalizing tattooed presence, the spectacled nerd-sexy Elena, and elongated Ava of the new squirting orgasms.