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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wish Xev Happy Birthday Live At Her Special Chat Room Party

LiveCamNetwork Xev has announced her official "Birthday Fiasco" for Wednesday November 4th starting at 8:00 PM eastern.

These LCN Birthday Shifts are usually great fun because other studio girls usually show up for some drinking and spanking and things usually turn quite wild. In Xev's case, the naughtiness will probably crank up a notch toward midnight, since her actual birthday isn't until the fifth of November.

As to who our busty now-back-to-firey-red hair babe plans to invite for her party... well, you can drop into her chat room tonight starting at 7:00 PM

Right now drop in on recently-returned saucy Sophie who's online in Free Chat, because it's pretty sure she's one of the party guests that night, heheh.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kedra's Late Night Kinks and Literary Hijinks

Tomorrow night is the LiveCamNetwork Girl-a-Thong and we are being promised some pretty funky fun over at LCN.

One of the main participants - of course - is hot and horny (and pervy and curvy) Kedra - who, as most LCN models are, is much more than a typical camgirl.

Not only was Kedra on the Jon Dore Show recently, we also discovered she's an talented writer, and has scribed a fascinating look into her life and charted her course on how she "became a webcam girl" at a site called

While she'll be online later tonight, you can catch her TV appearance embedded in Kedra's LiveCamNetwork Profile.

Online right now is hot busty little firecracker Xev, who's brought her hair back to fire-red and will also be at the Girl-a-Thong tomorrow night - catch her while she's alone and all yours, so to speak ;).

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Season Webcam Landfall and Girl-A-Thong Confirmed!

MissTyra's Kinky SexyWhat's happening? Tuesday has returned to LiveCamNetwork. And just last night, sexy petite cutie Sophie. And soon, it seems, the brainy Ruby.

Can't find her profile or any galleries of Ruby yet but you can spot her as the "office girl" in this sexy-silly set with LCN Ava.

It must be the season, Autumn, with it's end to vacations, fine weather and the Matrixian reboot of work, school and other indoor routines.

Which is all fine to us mouah since these ladies were long-missed and very gladly received misses...

Also, it's official: a new Girl-a-thong (now mysteriously renamed "Girl-a-thon") will happen on Thursday, October 22nd at 8:00 PM EST.

This sixth GaT will feature "8 girls, 4 cameras, and lots of tequila body shots" according to the ad on the site... this should be good, the last ones were wild and much too long ago.

The only thing that is certain is that the lovely, horny, kinky MissTyra won't be there, since Toronto studio girl Chelsee had to travel so far to... meet her, let's say...

Unles of course that's who the "special guest" they were talking about in the BBS was?

Nah... but go ask - MissTyra's online now. And just in case, here's a sexy, pure gallery of her.

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