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Friday, December 11, 2009

The LiveCamNetwork Christmas Party and Lesbian Lust Too!

This year again the LiveCamNetwork girls will be getting together for a big dinner and evening sponsored by LCN itself, LCN members and even members of the adult industry... which is weird, because though it doesn't seem to be "adult" or "porn", the tightly knit and fuzzy-wuzzy community that LiveCamNetwork is of course is all part of that business...

But the girls are what make the difference. They're real, they're friendly and chatty and sociable and not "acting" or putting on the part of the slut or the vixen or whatever that porn performers have to as part of their work.

As we've seen with past appearances of real adult starlets on LCN, when they enter the video chat arena and the special environment that is the LCN Community, these ladies are every bit as cool "in person" as the girl-next-door, amateur college kinky-horny babes that make up the regular chat room roster.

Ok, so, anyhow enough with that - the point is that they will be having a pre-dinner cocktail event at the LiveCamNetwork offices and webcasting it live on the site for members and member-sponsors to see the ladies enjoy what they're treated to for christmas.

There might even be a few gifts under the tree...

And then of course the pics and vids *should* be made availabel after the fun is over, of course, so they can cut out all the yummy naughty or rather "embarassing" parts? Hahah.

Anyhow find out who is on the guest list - and check the schedule for the live online X-mass party happening tomorrow, Saturday, December 12th.

Meanwhile the girl-girl show featuring Ivy and Natalia is scheduled for tonight at 8:00 PM and right now you can enjoy the joys of Ava online and she'll be able to explain everything about tomorrow's party if you're polite...

See you in the chat room!

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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Desira's Back At LiveCamNetwork!

Tall gothy babe Desira is back at!

Once an intimate friend of Violet Manson and popular in her own right, she's now back under another name, probably because her look will be different, or less gothic.

However, judging by the cosplay latex nun with crucifix pic in Julie's profile last week, and the incredible tattoos she has on her arm and back, it's hard to see how she'll be anything less than alt and freaky.

Ok, so they updated the picture and it looks more like the real her now - but she still writes in her profile that she's into "roleplaying, lingerie, stockings, stilletos, uniforms and teasing".

Once a kinkster, always a kinkster, eh?

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Kedra Tries Blonde, Busty Goes Brainy, Cat Fights To Come!

The stunning blonde with green eyes at the left here is none other than our lusty pervy curvy LCN brunette Kedra, who decided to satisfy a few curious LiveCamNetwork members by posting pics of her blonde self in the LiveCamNetwork BBS.

Also in the BBS is the news that the lovely ripe sexpot Natalia and fierce, tattooed Ivy will be doing a two-girl show together ("Cat Fight: Ivy and Natalia" sez the post haha).

They haven't announced the date yet but it will definitely be reported here as soon as they do!

Looking a lot less severe than this photo, Kedra is online right now regaling chat room visitors and members alike with tales of her adventures in her last little sabbatical from the studios, and brand-new, natural camgirl Emma is also on.

When I say 'natural' however I mean both her on-cam ability and the considerable breadth of her busty uppernesses...

Drop in and say hi, you'll understand just how sexy a brainy, busty nerd babe can be.

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