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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Anniversary Chat and Red Hot Newbette Live Online at LCN Tonight

Tonight will be the sixth anniversary chat for's long-legged madam Ava and as she offered at last year's 5th anniversary, there's sure to be some surprises and even a guest chat chick who will... entertain us as well as Avalicious herself.

Also online at the same time will be titillating, tattooed Ivy, who, since she's in the same studios as Ava, will probably drop into the other's chat room for a happy anniversary  wish.

Currently Online however is the most recent addition to the LCN girls - redhead dreadlocked busty Lucy - who is so new but so busy that her profile is still blank...

So go into her room now and learn a little about her, and see how positively sweet and photogenic she is in this cool, first-gallery of her in those sexy tank tops and shorts.

Then stick around for the party in Ava's room heheh.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Xev's Live Webcam Cum Back and More Boobs Too!

Ok now that the young lady has recovered from her recent bout with bedridden fever, LCN Girl Xev is back with a vengeance - and a shopping bag full of new delights ill gotten at a sex convention this past weekend.

The inventory includes a rabbit vibrator, another shaped like a woman, lubes, make-up and body sparkles, among other things.

Xev posted in teh LiveCamNetwork BBS that she's going to be putting this stuff to use and/or on display tonight, so we know we can expect some pretty funky thangs in her chat room.

This is on top of the fact that she's been out of commission for a week and is probably ready to pop... in a manner of speaking.

Also, she's posted a poll about theme nights for her webcam sessions, so feel free to log in and let her know what you like...

Online right now: catch big busted Emma in her nerdy glasses doing those things only geeky babes can do, and don't miss yet another appearance from 2-girl team Andy & Alice in a couple hours... can't wait to see some galleries of theirs :P

See you online!

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Friday, January 22, 2010

More New Webcam Women and Duo Show Two!

More news from the front:

LCN stalwart and kinky fetish sub Ava will be celebrating her 6th year chatting for the site (she's gone up to studio manager and training expert for the company now) this Thursday, the 28th of January...

Busty fire-red-haired Xev has begged off for the week because of something like the flu (her last coherent BBS post spoke of spending the night in sweats) but she'll be back this Monday.

LCN Sophie has similarly poofed off the schedule under conditions of sickness...

BUT there's still plenty of  hot, steamy live cam action on LCN with hot new babes and more girl-girl shows...

Though Alice and Andy are on the current schedule for today at 6:00 PM, a little detective work should clue you in to the fact that Natalia and Ivy are scheduled separately on Saturday, tomorrow, in the evening.

Now, the last time the ripe, nubile Natalia and tattooed, erotic Ivy were online together, what happened can only be described as insanely sexy or with this fine gallery of pictures each worth a lot more than a thousand words...

Hehheh... let's see what happens, shall we?

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Friday, January 15, 2010

New Nerdy Camgirl Emma is Real and Naughty...

Busty new cam nerd Emma has taken to the LiveCamNetwork community quite well, it must be said... and of course the boys in the chatrooms have taken to her as well.

Then again what can you expect form a girl who knows computers like the back of her hand and poses with her Linux bible - er, reference book....

The motto on LiveCamNetwork used to be "Talk nerdy to me" (what happened to that?) and we're going right up that D20 alley with curvacious Emma.

And it ain't just about the glasses and plaid schoolgirl skirt. As she writes in her profile, "I also have a technical/ geeky side to me, so if you want I can fix your computer and your libido all in one night."

Now that's what we call technical support.

Emma is online as this is written so drop in for a word, hard-on or a little advice with your OS. You can also check out a few of our other hotties such as black-haired gothy Julie, who is currently showing what a widescreen video chat and garters can do together...

Don't miss also Xev and Ivy (no, not together unfortunately) later today and learn what it means to discover geek sex...

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2 Girls, One Cam, And Other Live Video Knottiness

Well it's been a while we haven't seen a regular girl-girl team at, but it looks like a tag-team has finally paired on LCN under the name of Andy 'n' Alice.

And a cute, fun giggly live girl-girl team who just did a tremendous Private two-on-one show (maybe even with 2-way cam hubba-hubba) from the looks of them as they return to free chat just now...

Ok, and by the way everyone here at the LCN Girls Blog would like to wish you a Happy New Year even if it's a little late...

But there were quite a few surprising holiday log-ins over the past two weeks, including a memorable Kedra-Xev double camshow and an Ivy-Natalia live-pleasure session that apparently had somebody pretty... tied up.

Sorry, heheh, you'll have to log in and find out for yourself by asking one of the girls.

Meanwhile go check out the new girls, you can drop in and see Ava online later tonight if you like long legs and kinky, or the boob-heavy nerdy nubile Emma.

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