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Friday, February 26, 2010

Live Lesbians In Lust At LCN

Lesbian live shows have been getting more popular lately with the chat hostesses on

Currently most popular of course is the black and red pair up of Andy and Alice, who've been racing up the LCN "Top Ten Perviest Girls" list, and a new bi-girl show has popped up on the schedule with RedHotAngel.

Could this be the beginning of a new trend? Is this going to become the LesbianCamNetwork?

Well it certainly looks good to start - and this is all just preamble to let everyone know that busty nerdy Emma has recently gotten a little huggy-schmoozy with luscious redhead Lucy.

And while the two have dropped into each other's studio every now and then and played together, they haven't really gotten it on for the webcams... until tonight.

Tonight at 7:00 PM EST Emma and Lucy will be getting together live at LCN, with Emma "breaking in" Lucy for the first time to the lovely world of lesbian lust on webcam right before your eyes.

On top of their feisty, fun chemistry together, it promises to be very... stimulating. See ya in the chatrooms!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Boobs, Lesbians, Nerds and Redheads: A Webcam Cocktail

We have a potent mix at LiveCamNetwork with repeat, recurring re-appearances by nerdy glasses-wearing Emma and freaky cheeky Xev.

While both are busty lasses, the latter has locks in common with another, newer LCN Girl with dready-natty red hair Lucy, who will be on tomorrow.

Friday will see the return once again of regular bi-girl couple Andy & Alice, who's sexy paprika-and-pepper combo makes very intensely hot lesbian private shows - and who are actually online as this is written.

And finally after a long absence don't miss Ms Kedra's highly anticipated return to LCN in grand sexy, kinky Kedra style tonight at 9:00 PM (Eastern).

The blue-eyed brunette has discovered Twitter and is starting to use it and its various variations to keep us up to date and tease us about ... well, things concerning her, of course.

Speaking of blue eyes, don't miss the fine form and one of the rare appearances of super sexy sci-fi nerd Cassie, who is online in less than an hour!

See you online and come back for a very special announcement within the next day or so concerning a two-girl show featuring a long-time lady and a long-missed returning lady... heheh.

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