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Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Pictures and Carmella's Return

Impish sexy Carmella Back at LCNThere's something about webcam work that is... addictive, we could maybe say...

What else can you say about work you do in privacy, pleasuring yourself, and get to pay your way through school?

Anyhow that's the general theory. You would have to log in and find out for yourself...

For example, on right now you have short-haired, impish brunette Carmella, who has recently made a comeback after having chatted at the site years ago.

And on the other hand, you have roussette, kinky Ava who has actually been on the site for years herself. A real regular, and very good at what she does.

In fact, she may have trained Carmella, as current LCN Studio manager, all that time ago when she first started.

Anyhow there's no point blathering and theorizing - better to go to the source ourselves and ask the ladies why they... uhm, get off on being a chat hostess.

Catch ya'll next time!

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Super Live Cam Line Up Tonight

Ava Wet and NudeLive and Luscious Ladies abound on LiveCamNetwork lately,. and tonight is a shining example.

Starting at 4:00 PM EST the wicked wiles and sexy submissiveness of Ms Ava can be seen in wonderful live widescreen video, followed shortly thereafter by the ass-nasty antics of Andy & Alice, and if lickety-split lesbians aren't your thang then you can always drop into inexorable Xev's chatty live boudoir.

Don't forget that LCN is still featuring it's March Madness pricing specials, so it's your turn to sample the sizzling live sexy that are the LCN Girls... in Private, 2-way cam chat...

Finally, to top it all off, as a kinda culminating climactic cherry on this proverbial Wednesday-night sundae, kinks connaisseur Kedra will crank up her cam engine and sweat up the room.

For these prices, no one should be missing out.

Enjoy the new Ava gallery by the way!

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Monday, March 15, 2010

March Madness and Cheap Chat Chicks!

The LiveCamNetwork BBS is a good source of info about the site and the wild webcam women known as the LCN Girls.

A recent post has announced a "March Madness" special for anyone who takes an LCN Girl to group or private chat (or even spies on one).

But remember that not all the chat hostesses on LiveCamNetwork are LCN Girls... you're going to have to check the prices, but here's a quick list:

VIP and Group will be $1.50 a minute less with models Ava, Cassie, CrystalWater, Emma, Ivy, Juliet, Kedra, Lucy, Andy & Alice and Xev. So that mean instead of 4.99 a minute for VIP, it's only $3.49 a minute, and so on...

The special started last Saturday and will be continuing through to midnight, Friday, March 19th. All times are Eastern Standard by the way.

Yesterday we posted a link to a new gallery Xev gallery featuring her bustiness in and out of a red bra with a melting ice cube, but since not many people clicked it we thought we'd put up a picture of it there.

Right now, Emma is online from her home bedroom testing out her cam and connection, and soon Andy & Alice will be as well - so take advantage of the March Madness pricing!

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Cyber Simulation Sex Device a LiveCamNetwork Natural

The people behind the fun and action at are "toying" with the notion of getting even more interactive in their live adult video sex chat exploits...

The idea is to use the RealTouch male sex toy and "connect" to your favorite chat hostess's own sex toy over the internet, and "really" have sex together.

There's a post & picture about it in the LiveCamNetwork BBS, so check that out.

One LCN Girl who would definitely love it is busty fire-red Xev.

"I get off knowing someone is enjoying being with me," she wrote in the BBS. "What gets me off more, is knowing that they would feel exactly what I am meaning them to feel... god, thinking about when I cum, how my inner muscles pulsate..."

Xev_ is online as this is written so why not go in and tell her .. what you'd like. And don't miss Ms Emma and her brand of nerd sexy online a little later.

Stay tooned for brand new galleries too!

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Boobs, Techno Gizmos and Nerds

Fiery busty redhead Xev has been making up for lost time and orgasms at by (ahem) coming on more and more often.

This of course is good news. And so is her new gizmo, a sex toy that has some kind of glowing, heating eletrical buzzing thing going for it.... Ask Xev what it does... she recently posted about how incredible it is, adding something about the smell of lighting and pheromones...

Anyhow, here's a picture of Xev amusing herself with the "Violet Wand" from the BBS, grabbed by BBS user Apeman.

Xev will be online soon, but you don't want to miss mega-nerd "freak and geek" Emma who's online now, and, a little later, another evening with tattooed Ivy, who is the kind of geek who doesn't use computers or know about the web... really. It's true. Well, except for video chatting, of course.

Thank goodness for techs. And Nerds. And Gizmos.

And Boobs, of course.

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Monday, March 08, 2010

Emma Gets Back In Front of the Webcam

Nerdy LCN Girl Emma Sunshine has been missing from the site for almost two weeks now due to illness... But she's back tonight!

Though she's been posting updates in the LiveCamNetwork Forums, hoping to be able to make it online, it seems this was a tough one. But she made it.

Just to keep you all tied over, here's a fine gallery of Emma in action, complete with glasses and headset.

See ya in the chat room!

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