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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kedra Back On Studio Webcams - On Her Birthday!

Event-wise it's absolutely cool that not only does kinky Kedra return to the LCN Studios, but that she's doing so now on the event of her birthday, which she's celebrating live on webcam from the studio with - hold your breaths - new deliciuos Delmira, busty black-haired Xev and returning, long-missed LCN Lizzie!

It's sure pictures are going to come out of this.

On top of which, leggy Ava is scheduled to be coming in for the end of this wild lingerie romp with the camgirls for a shift of her own - but we know just where she's going to end up don't we heheh...

More good news is coming daily from too - for example big-tit blonde Vicky Vette and luscious blonde pornstar have both been announced as up-and-coming chat events, not to mention the ultra cute Diamond James!

I'm keeping my bookmark firmly on LiveCamNetwork for a while now...

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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Changing Softwares

Just wanted everyone to know that this is the last day for the LCN Girls blog on the blogger platform; that we may be on hiatus for an undetermined time until we can find a satisfactory replacement since Blogger no longer supports FTP publishing.

It's a technical thing.

We will keep you updated...

- Sid