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Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Cam Girl, New Gallery!

LiveCamNetwork AndyYes we know it really sucks and we haven't updated the blog in a long time, but it's a pain in the butt technical issue and we're just going to update this manually to keep you informed until we've solved the issue.

Speaking of butts, have you met LCN Girl Andy? She has a suh-weeet ass on her that rivals even Ava's peachy bum - and she's live as you read this.

Red-hair and petite but sweet, Andy started off as a duet with Alice but the two have developed enough of a following each that by popular demand they started logging in separately.

Now you can choose between each separately, or log in when they get it on together, live girl-girl style.

Another new hottie of note is the eighteen year-old tight-bodied Nakita, a Cute & Sexy mix of ebony bustiness and bubbly bumness you won't want to miss... and don't forget to ask her to sing for you!

That's it for this update - keep us bookmarked and we'll be back regularly (manual updates are such a pain!)

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