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Friday, July 30, 2010

Sweet Returns and Happy New Hotties

You can take the girl out of LiveCamNetwork, it is said, but you can't LiveCamNetwork out of the girl...

Case in point, here, of course, is the much touted (in the LCN BBS at least) comeback of sexy, leggy, short-haired Alice - who was last seen at LCN... oh, years ago, literally.

Also on tonight, as a study in contrasts, let's say, is snazzy new-comer brunette Jennie, who can be previewed in a few hot pictures of her in the LiveCamNetwork BBS.

Meanwhile everything is still on for tomorrow night's Sexiversary, which is busty LCN Xev's second-year anniversary online party celebrating her tenure so far (and recent promotion to studio manager). They say it may be a naughty pajama party, but why not check it out yourself?

Right now online is mischeouvous bib-boob hippie babe Emma, who is hanging some sexy new locks (though she hasn't lost that nerdy charm, we assure you), and slender blonde teen babe ooDaisy, who together display the range and sexiness of LiveCamNetwork's geek gorgeousity.

Don't say we didn't warn you!

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Pervy News and Double Celebrations

created by XevEgads! Long-time and Long-haired leggy strawberry-blondish LCN Ladies' studio manager Ava has shorn very short her lenghty tresses.... or so she wrote in the LiveCamNetwork forums in a recent hello from Amerstam.

However that should't surprise anyone who reads the post and realizes she's hanging out with a bunch of alternative university students... in Amsterdam.

Ah well it's going very well for her there, and she's recently gotten further news of a very gainful employment opportunity.

But she's quick to write: "I intend on visiting LCN as often as I can because lordy knows I need ya'll to keep me oiled up and grounded down!"

She then goes on to officially promote this week's 2nd-anniversary chat chick, busty, black-haired Xev to her own pre-Amsterdam studies post at LCN: "I hope Xev will accept to replace my ass at the desk and I'm sure she'll enjoy being able to boss me around for once."

Xev, who created this awesome poster for her 2-year anniversary in the "happy pervy family", wrote back: "when I got your email i was bouncing... I will try to be awesome like you although I highly doubt I will be."

Xev's own special bounce will be highly showcased this Saturday night starting at 10:00 PM.


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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

LiveCamNetwork Photo Contest and Chat Hostess Anniversary

LCN Kedra with Humphrey Bogart!
The LCN Photo Contest is back at LiveCamNetwork, - which means, if you're a free registered guy or an actual customer, you get to participate and maybe WIN free time in private with any of your favorites.

Included is an excellent job and example of what's intended form regular member PnutPup, who meshed LiveCamNetwork hottie Kedra seamlessly into a Casablanca movie poster. Join up if you think you can do better - it's free, and you could get to try out some of the live babes.

In other news, once-redheaded-now-black-haired webcam mistress Xev is going to be celebrating her second anniversary with LiveCamNetwork in a month's time, and she posted an invite in the LCN BBS:

"I wanna know what everyone thinks I should do for my shift... what should I wear? should there be balloons... streamers... costumes... cake?

"This is the longest Ive worked anywhere," Xev says. "So Im feeling odd about what to do..."

Well, feel free to join in the community and contribute to her dilemna... you'll probably have to get a look at a few Xev Galleries to get an idea of what she's really like, though... but that's encouraged! Feel Free...

Well that's it for this one we will be trying another blogging platform soon so just keep bookmarking until further notice when we'll have a working RSS feed to notify you of any and all other news!

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