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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reyrey Submits And Gets Dressed Up Funky

Howdy Y'all

Your friendly neighborhood chat hostess here (psst....its hacker Xev....I stole some power and now Im gonna run wild!!! )

I just wanted to inform you of our resident burlesque queen ReyRey will be tied up at the studio Tonight!!! (Thats september 23rd for all you late readers out there) Did you happen to miss out? No worries! This busty lil' minx will be on again and again... perhaps I should say she will be cumming a minimum of two times per week!!

Might I also add that Xev (thats me) has been styling the new photoshoots for our lovely in-studio models. Our lovely boss took the shots ( with no red eye I am proud to say) and they can be found here on the bbs

If you dont know how to get to our chat site to see the girls who are on, as well as those who will be cumming on go to livecamnetwork.

Who could forget about Ava? She will be on at the same time as ReyRey....what wild and crazy things will these two kinkettes get up to tonight? Stay tuned!


Thursday, September 09, 2010

Maya's Last Chat Chance For You

LiveCamNetwork Metal Queen Maya
Well it looks like LiveCamNetwork's resident Rock'n'Roll Queen Maya has announced she's going out on tour with her band and leaving the chatrooms for a while.

She'll be back in November, though - but tonight is your last chance for two months to visit her in her free chat and maybe even explore her in a little more intimacy.

Meanwhile, back from a summer Sabbatical overseas, LCN Ava was back and will be again and again Actually, it'a a little spread out but at least she's on schedule - this time for September 15th.

She posted in the LCN BBS to thank everyone that night "for a splendid O-filled welcome home!"

You're welcome, Ava, welcome home...

Also back online is the sweet Canadian gal SweetCanadia (guess there was no room for the 'n') - and she is a really fun and spunky gal definitely worth checking out.

Back to your (chat) rooms everyone!


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