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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hot New Chat Hostess at LCN

New LCN Girl Brooke LynneNew studio boss and splendiferous chat chick in her own right Xev Delexx has begun recruiting for the LCN studios and presents us this evening with a winner: Brooke Lynne.

Lynne is a self-described geek: "My heart flutters for H.P. Lovecraft," she writes in her profile. "I am obsessed with American McGee's Alice, and I still believe that Final Fantasy I and XII are the best games out of the entire series"

However this nerdy girl has long svelte physique and a butt Xev is in love with...

And oh did I mention? Luscious Xev is online tonight in her tutu (here's a gallery when she was a blonde) as part of her Halloween costume theme for the month, so who knows... there just might be a pairing of hot girls online tonight at LiveCamNetwork.

I'm sure neither will mind if you suggest it...

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Little Miss Sunshine's Sexy Birthday Shift

Good afternoon to all!
It's Your friendly neighborhood Xev again....

I just wanted to let you all know, Little Miss Sunshine, or as most of you know her as Emma Sunshine, will be steaming up your monitors from 6pm to 10pm Eastern Time for her Twenty-something Birthday Bonanza!

Please feel free to drop by her room if you are in the mood to give a few 'birthday orgasms' Or to just spend some time with this Canadian flower child.

If you dont know who Emma is, since she dissipated to go and be a child of the forest for the summer; She is a hot little tamale with a propensity towards school-girl uniforms.

If you haven't taken this busty-beauty for some alone time, then I encourage you to do so. She may look sweet, but I have heard her in private (yes I peep a bit too). You would not believe the dirty filthy...naughty...drool inciting words that pour from her mouth when she is in front of that camera.

She has a smokey, voice that 'peaks' when her interest does.

Who knew all-natural could look, taste and sound that good?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Please say "qaqItlhneS" to Daria Page

qaqItlhneS : I am honored to meet you ('meet' denoting 'for the first time' in Klingon)

Its Xev here, again with a welcome note to our newest chatty lady Daria Page.
She will be broadcasting live tonight with her first cam shift EVER! Please take the time to go check her out and welcome her to our lovely community.

Daria is a busty, girl-next-door supergeek who was the first and only girl to understand and tell me what an Orion slave girl is. (yes, I do post geek references in my job ads)

I dont know if she actually speaks Klingon, but she did know how to talk to me about uber awesome movies.....Maybe a few of your Trek fantasies could be coming true tonight ;)

So boys, what do you think?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Comely Costume Camgirls at LiveCamNetwork

Xev as a Geisha with Big BoobsOctober is Halloween month at and that means it's costume time!

New studio manager and funtime webcam wild one Xev has decreed that as much as possible the LCN Girls should be all gussied up and costumed down to celebrate this autumnal occasion.

So lately we've seen some funky dolled up (sometimes literally) by the LCN Studio ladies, including hottie newly-blonde Kedra as a kinky nun, sexy home-based Juliet as a naughty sailor... and, of course, Xev - for whom it is Halloween year round.

Earlier this week you may have seen Xev as foxy green Orion Slave Girl, or a blonde retro-50s babe with glasses - and later you'll probably see a whole wardrobe of funky sexy costumes.

After all, if she's going to set the example for all the other chat chicks, she might as well have fun doing it, right?

Tonight you can catch Xev in busty bushido get-up as a corseted Geisha girl, live, right now, as you read this and as it's being written!

Check her out and come back here for more reports on the costume cavalcade at LCN this month - it's bound to get better and better!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween Hotties At LiveCamNetwork

LCN Kedra Dressed For HalloweenHello readers,

Its your friendly neighbourhood Xev here!

This month you may notice a few changes in the dress of some of the in studio and home girls. You may ask yourself....why is this sexy minx wearing wings? Or, Oh, I like that nurse outfit....Well Boys, I am here to tell you that this month is COSTUME MONTH!!!

I have already noticed that Ava and Alice have been dressing up...Ava was wearing a sexy polic costume on Sunday night...toy gun and all, and Alice noted that she had purchased a selection of masks, which she says "saved me during a blow to pop".

So, October is a month where you should be indulging all your kinky fantasies.

Feeling Retro?

Tonight I, Xev Delexx will be thrust back in time in a vintage inspired costume. I hope you are keen because I am hoping some cool cat will get down and dirty so he can boogie-woogie this chicks night away!

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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Remote Webcam Returns and Other Sexy Chat Goodies

LiveCamNetwork Nerd EmmaJust so you know, and you're not following the LiveCamNetwork BBS (nerd-talk for Forum), recent posts have announced the return, after long summer breaks I guess, of some favorite webcam girls to the site.

First, long slim Ava came back from Europe and started doing naughty things again for her sub fans; then long-gone, first-generation LCN Girl Alice came back to the site.

Now, recently lost-to-rock'n'roll mama Maya has logged back in and is doing it from the road, figuratively speaking; and, soon, Emma Sunshine will be back, explaining in a BBS entry that she'd been sideswiped by pneumonia.

Right now though you can catch two amazing ladies in their own right, lusckious Xev rocking out as a cave-woman and Euro-flava-Ava in a fetching soft-billed cap and a sleeveless vest... and nothing else.

Catch' em when you can!

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