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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

LiveCamNetwork Kat Garnette: New Sultry Webcam Woman

A recent addition to the LCN Girls which we've shamefully failed to report here is the sultry, high-cheekboned Kat Garnette.

A new series of pictures leads one to think a new gallery featuring the delicious, black-haired demoiselle (with the griffon tattoo on her left shoulder) will be forthcoming...

We can only wait... meanwhile, get a fresh eyeful of Kat's charms in her own pics of herself in the LiveCamNetwork BBS Kat Garnette intro thread.

Also, Kat's online now, as this is published until 7:00 PM eastern tonight so you should definitely drop in and stare into those hazel eyes as she answers your questions about being gentle with her, the tattoos, and what she means in her LiveCamNetwork profile when she says:

"My biggest turn on is someone who'll take control and tell me what they want. I love to please and knowing that I'm doing it really gets me off."

So, please, please her all you want...

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Tiffany Lee Fisher Comes Back On Cam

She's back! She's really really back at last - live, online - online cutie-next-door and adult web starlet Tiffany Lee Fisher!

Actually, though her profile picture is of bright-red hair, you might not be disappointed to know she's gone back to her original blonde...

There was much excitement when she posted in the LiveCamNetwork BBS that she'd be there, and she didn't disappoint (in other words she showed up)!

Tiffany's next show is today at 1:00 PM eastern, so check her out and discover why LCN Member Phaed45 wrote in the BBS she's "One of the sweetest girls on LCN... the perfect combination of Nicole Kidman and Allyson Hannigan".

Also long-gone and on the way back is Miss Tyra, she of the short pageboy hair, sexy hips and funky tattoo.

She's actually confirmed her return in the forum, as well as having scheduled herself - you can catch Miss Tyra tomorrow, Saturday, starting at 3:PM eastern.

Meanwhile, go ahead and drop a visit to Tiffany, who's online now, and if she's busy in private and you don't just want to spy, let us recommend the ultra cute and busty Beauty Bella, who wears glasses and likes to wrap herself in a bathrobe and masturbate off-camera while she chats with us...

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Deluxe Lea and Delexxtable Xev Back Online Tonight

Xev: Nipples Through Fishnet Well it's been a Merry season for the LiveCamNetwork girls - they're back online, refreshed, invigorating and ready for some of that oh-so-nice naughtiness as only they can provide.

Recently we've seen the likes of Brooke Lynne, Maya, Alison and even Violet Manson hit the cam again with the LCN Guys.

But the one who's taken the longest vacation (mostly because she came down with the flu right after Christmas) is Xev Delexx - and she'll no doubt be logging on in full regalia and quite dolled up for the occasion.

If Xev is too busy, you'll be able to enjoy the sweet French Canadian charms of busty alt girl Lea Deluxe.

Speaking of long-time-no-see, tomorrow will feature the return of long-gone Tiffany Lee Fisher, who a little bird tells us has gone long blonde with her hair.

Find out here tomorrow!

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