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Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Blonde Jenna Moss Gathers No Frost

Cute Blonde LCN Girl JennaUsually you won't see any pictures of the really new girls here on the LiveCamNetwork Blog until it seems pretty sure theyr'e going to be at it for a while. It's a matter of privacy and, well, actually not having much by way of pictures.

Many times their first, interview-session pics aren't very good, where these (after all) amateur ladies aren't quite used to the glare of the lens.

But Jenna Moss here is quite different.

Not only does the buzz in the LCN BBS say that she looks like Jenny Garth (but a much better smile), but her first set of pics is absolutely excellent - though, as Victor Borge once said, you'll get to it after the second set, because the first is a surprise...

Whatever... So drop buy and check out the cheeks and teeth and smile on this blonde, green-eyed cutie and find out what kind of horror and sci-fi flicks she says she likes.

It's almost too good to be true, that she's so cute and sexy and nerdy too?

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Friday, February 04, 2011

Lea Deluxe: New LCN Girl Gallery

LiveCamNetwork Lea Deluxe Sexy In RedWell it's about time!

Increasingly popular "new" LiveCamNetwork chat hostess Lea Deluxe - that curvy silk-black-haired French Canadian we introduced last November - finally has some new pictures up.

Though she hasn't gone topless yet, and may not be soon, her new non-nude gallery in this tight red dress leaves just enough - and little - to the imagination.

Only the most important parts... nudge-nudge. You can find out those for yourself as the lady is online now.

If this set has Lea in private chat too much tonight, have no fear - the line up is quite impressive, if you go by LCN Girls standards.

Chatting it up nude sexy and intellectual tonight is kinky and long-legged Ava, the return of our fabulous lesbo lovers Andy and Alice, intense redhead nympho squirter Raina Downs, small-town innocent LeighLyn and yes the curvy now-blonde exhibitionist kinkster Kedra Alliard.

So, now, what are you gonna do? Go waste money in a bar trying to pick up hot chicks like these... or just come by and pick up these hot chicks?


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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Nerdy Busty Babe With or WIthout Glasses

Busty webcam nerd AlisonFor those of you who like the look, don't be fooled by Alison Kerry's new profile pic in a sexy red sating babydoll, she hasn't given up wearing her glasses when she gets sexy on LiveCamNetwork.

It's just one of those things, you know, try something new, go for the standard sexy thing.

But she's been spotted live on webcam wearing the specs and steaming up the lenses too...

Catch the short-haired redhead now as it's one of those times when she's not in Private chat with some lucky (quicker than you!) guy.

And if you really can't wait to get a fix of Alison, there's still this first-ever gallery of when she started with LCN a few short weeks ago...

How time flies when it's spent naked...

And stay tuned if Alison is too busy to catch another kinds of geek (she likes Lovecraft!) with slim and sexy Brooke Lynne, who should be on any time now...

Catch you on cam!

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