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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Brooke Lynne: Lean, Clean Webcam Machine

Brooke Lynne's Bubble Bath...It's never a dull moment with's Brooke Lynne, of the flirty hips and lips and easy laugh...

Ans as momentous as her webcam sessions can be, we don't blog about it every time...

However, we do decide to post up a little something when the slim and sexy black-haired babe gets wet and wild online...

In a set shot by Xev Delexx herself, Brooke plays in the bubbles and gets into a little splish-splash seduction with the lens and you.

Actually in her chatroom, Brooke was talking about setting up her webcam in the bathroom itself and doing a shower show for guys live...

What do you think? Should we run a poll?

Nah, everyone would say YES...

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Live Doll and Mannequin Lovers Get In Here

LCN Xev Fulfills Doll Fantasy Fetish - Live!Because chatters at LCN have been so good to Xev... Xev is good to them.

In case you're wondering why someone the Toronto Star only this morning referred to as "Xev, a dark-haired, voluptuous web cam performer" is tonight sporting pink shiny hair and a set of symmetrical freckles, it's because it's her gift to a particular fetishist.

You may or may not relate, it's all the same to Xev, but it's one of LiveCamNetwork's chatters' birthday today, and his fantasy is, well, doll fetish.

That's right - an uncommon but not all that rare kink - that involves a sexy live girl standing still, mannequin-like, and being positioned by a partner or her cam chat lover.

And while that's not all she's going to do, of course... it's a cute sexy get-up especially with the curly locks and that black sheeny-see-through baby-doll she's wearing. Don't have to be a still-life lover to appreciate...

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Clever & Cute: Cassie Returns

LiveCamNetwork's most sensual smarty-pants Cassie returns tonight for her first shift in months.

If you have been around LiveCamNetwork for the past... forever... you know how awesome she is. If you are new to LiveCamNetwork, you owe it to yourself to check out her chat. She WILL charm your pants off..!!

Even though she has been a busy little bee, she continues to surprise us by logging in once in a blue moon. Even though her visits are few and far between, she never fails to uplift know!

So be sure to take this particularly scrumptious morsel of womanhood private so she can blow your more ways than one!

Cassie will be on from 8pm-12am EST TONIGHT!

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Kedra's Farewell Post and Different Shades of Cam

Kiss Kedra's color good bye!LiveCamNetwork Kedra gave her fans and long-time cam friends heart attacks recently with a post entitled "Time to Say Goodbye" in the LiveCamNetwork BBS.

But... it was all an early April Fool's prank because she meant that it would be her last night on the venerable webcam site... as a blonde.

That's right, though all were relieved, it's actually kind of a blow for those who like blondes, or who like Kedra as a blonde...

But, she was determined to go through with it.

So tonight she'll be back - though nobody has seen her yet, and tonight is the night of the big unveiling of the locks. What color will they be?

Will she go back to her brown locks, or pick black - or maybe turn into a redhead? Seems with the exception of Alison (who's online now btw) there's a run on actual red hair in the live cam world....

We'll see we'll see... Kedra will be on tonight at 11:00 PM if site's Time Zone function is to be trusted (which isn't always the case right after the DST time-adjustment).

So meanwhile you can go chat with any number of these fabulous nerdy demesoilles... apart from redhead Alison, you can also sample some fine long brunnette dreads with miss Brooke Lynne, quench your thirst for blondes with bespestacled geekster Harlie, or even try something completely different in the form of short, shiny blue hair on the aptly named Quirkybird

You don't have to discriminate, really...

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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Newbette Cam Ladies Online Tonight

You don't wanna miss the newbie babes online at tonight - a salt 'n' peppa pair who may not be chatting together yet... but who are sure to please nonetheless.

First of course let's introduce returning newbette, thin blonde   sunshine-smiler Jenna, who's (un)dressed tonight with sexy laced panties and has squeezed her boobs into a sexy white tank-top.

But the real new girl tonight, in perhaps her second time on live video, is ebony babe Barbie, who tonight is wearing the same tight black tube-dress as in our featured gallery.

Bootilicious Barbie may be relatively new to videochat, but some people are just naturals at having fun half-naked and flirty in front of a webcam.

She's definitely worth checking out... they both are, and easy to reach since they're online now as you read this.

Go, have fun!

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