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Friday, May 27, 2011

Live Upskirt Cam and Nerdy Boobies Too!

Long Thighs and Panties Half-offIn case you missed her yesterday, curvy blue-eyed cutie Sophie will be leaving on vacation shortly and will probably be doing her bon voyage chat session tonight starting at 5:00 pm Eastern so don't miss it. Her sex fantasies are ... oh, so loud.

But just as day slips into night and LCN Girls come and... come, tonight you'll be able to enjoy the return and the geeky lust appeal of redhead Alison Kerry, the uber-nerd and sexy-boobie-glasses gal who so recently took a dip in the bubbles with Xev.

In case you didn't know, LiveCamNetwork regularly features a live upskirt panty cam aimed squarely up office girl Brooke Lynne's lengthy legs. Today her panties are blue-white striped.

Though it's as much of a kinda of chill and chat room as a sexy voyeur show, here's a gallery of Brooke Lynne at her desk with her version of good worker bee, and getting that chair oh so damp...

Wipe your chin.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Back In Blonde: Xev Comes Full Circle

Busty Pink Nerd Girl XevA couple years back, zesty busty Xev Delexx started out at as a blonde in a button bikini or combat boots and a tutu.

While she has been many things to many and cycled through the spectrum when it comes to clothes, tattoos, and hair color especially, she has remained ever the same Xev.

Now she's back to her natural blondeness and quite buxom in this tight pink "Nerds are Cool" mini-t-shirt gallery - and will be back live online as soon as her LCN studio management duties allow.

Meanwhile you can enjoy the fruit of her labour behind the screens if you catch her hawt black-haried bum-chummette Brooke Lynne chatting (and laughing that great laugh of hers) right now at LCN, or in about an hour with the cutie-pie perviness of soft, sexy Sophie.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Kedra!!

This weekend we wish our very special LiveCamNetwork girl Kedra Alliard a very Happy Birthday!! Her birthday show was Friday night, and she appeared on cam in a dash of colour decked out in her purple brocade corset, a purple bob wig, and a sexy blue bra and panty set. Did I mention the MOUNTAIN of balloons she had piled around her. It was certainly a party. With the warmest wishes and company from her adoring chatters, Kedra says she spent the night having "Lots of fun!!!" and "Lots of orgasms!!!"

Happy Birthday, Kedra! With many more to .... cum ;)

For anyone who missed the party, check out the pictures Kedra posted on the LiveCamNetwork BBS Forum.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

LiveCamNetwork Gears Up For Summer

Yesterday afternoon, it was all fun in the sun for a few of the LiveCamNetwork ladies, as they ventured to a local pub downtown with laptop and webcam in tow. The objective of the afternoon was to find out whether or not they would be able broadcast live from the Guy's Night Out III location. The chatters were able to spend a few hours with Sophie, Xev, Alison, and Brooke while they enjoyed the sun, pitchers of beers, and the occasional flash. Take a peek at the pictures on the BBS forum.

With July 22 quickly approaching, chatters and models alike are making plans for the fast-approaching date. If you still haven't RSVP'd for the event, there is no time like the present!! Believe us when we say - You don't want to miss this! We promise beer, sunshine (hopefully), cute girls, and a little fine dinning to top it all off.

Check out a few photos of last year's Guy's Night Out.

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Friday, May 06, 2011

Ariel Rebel LIVE Tonight at 9:00 PM

Ariel Rebel Will Be On Live TonightThere isn't much that can't be said for Montreal's own little whirlwind of energy and creativity Ariel Rebel.

From being the webmaster (webmistress?) of her own solo site, building galleries and creating blogs, to designing skateboards and now creating her own network of "Rebel" babe-sites along with their introductory free blogs, Ariel can be said to be doing it all in "the business".

Except camming. Always a little webcam-shy (believe it or not) the petite brunette has been breaking out of that shell lately and dabbling in live sex chat sessions with some of her buddies, including EyeCandyMandy and "TeaseMeQT".

Tonight, she'll be flying solo at LiveCamNetwork, starting at 9:00 PM Eastern. See you there heheh.

Meanwhile if you can't wait to get your video chat fix as it were, the harlilicious Harlie is live online and waiting for takers on her recent "dare"... (you'll have to ask yourself), and for a little contrast drop by and check out the very sensual ebony beauty Naughty Madison.

Get the popcorn (and other stuf ahem) ready it's going to be a helluva night!

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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Ariel Rebel, Sexology and Favorite Screen Shot Tweets

Cam Model Brooke Spanks Her AssToday's Good Cam News:
On Twitter it was re-tweeted that super cutie Ariel Rebel tweeted she would be logging in live at LiveCamNetwork tomorrow, Friday May 6th, at 9:00 PM Eastern.

In fact Ariel posted in the LCN BBS forums to ask for your help brainstorming ideas for tomorrow night's theme... sign up and post!

Meanwhile, resident Sexology 101 Headmistress and eternal student of sexuality Sophie is chatting up a storm with some sexy lingerie and massive silliness (she's such a cutie) and, as she brushes dark brown bangs away from sparkly blue eyes, asks for our take on what's a real kinky thing, or just your fetish...

And finally, we've posted up some of leggy Brooke Lynne's favorite screen shots in a gallery celebrating her first half-year at LiveCamNetwork, where she says "I believe I have settled right in".

We have quite a few screen shot galleries coming up for you so keep an eye out, follow the blog or Twitter or Facebook - we even have a LiveCamNetwork SexyPeek photos thread...

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