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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Amber Be Camming Out All Over The Place!

Busty Bushy Cam Girl Amber BeeThere's a new worker bee in the LiveCamNetwork hive. Auburn-haired, hazel-eyed Amber Bee, to be precise.

This real, girl-next-door just recently popped her webcam cherry and finds it to be "a nice alternative to all the lab work".

She's another LCN college student, invested in environmental science, who loves nothing more than "hikin, naked".

Really. A "nature geek".

As such she's not into flashy adornment or glamming herself up. She's knows what she is: naturally beautiful.

One of the manifestations of her ethic can be seen... down there, down below, you know where... she doesn't shave.

Now, maybe she trims herself a little, it's hard to tell from this gallery of the naturally bushy, busty Amber, but you can certainly get all the details with her either in free or (more explicityly) private chat.

Check out LiveCamNetwork this Friday night at 7:00 PM eastern!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Impromptu Camgirl Log Ins and Last-Chance Chat Time

Blonde and Busty Webcam Babe XevLiveCamNetwork inaugurated a sexy new studio this weekend and it seems to be quite a success, especially with the LCN Ladies.

For example, LCN Xev saw it first thing today and decided to immediately strip down to a black negligee (which fully complements her bustiness btw) and log in for an unscheduled try-out.

And she does seem to be enjoying it, since it looks like she's going to be on for a while... You should log in and meet her while you can.

In other news, fans and friends of LCN Kedra will have one last chance to chat with her and gaze into those hypmotizing blue eyes tonight at 10:00 PM eastern, before she takes the next two weeks off on a long-planned family visit.

Stand by for more LiveCamNetwork news!

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Friday, June 17, 2011

A New Gallery and Titanic Tattooed Trio Too

Well, TGIF and all that - and I'm sure you will with tonight's lineup.

Right now blowing the minds and other valves of viewers is orgasmic Brooke Lynne live in her chatroom (you can hear her through the walls)... so it's a good start to the weekend.

But also in line to be online tonight are three other absolutely luscious LCN ladies - all tattooed, pierced and beautiful to boot.

First up at 8:00 PM eastern will be Mariah Vaughn, followed by GoldeKitten's deep boobs experience and at the very same time (10:00 PM eastern) the appropriately named Alaska Moon's playful perfect-butt synergy.

Beyond this, there is naught to say but stay naughty, have fun and a great weekend!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hella-Sexy Nerd Girl Alison

Nerdy Cam Babe Alison at LiveCamNetworkYou may not recognize the babe on the left at first glance, but you know her...

Alison likes to dress up and play saloon maiden, schoolgirl (a real one too) or, closer to her nerdy sci-fi lover's heart, or in a Tron suit.

Yes, she's a Tronny (?) or whatever they're called. As crazy as Kedra is about Star Wars, so Tron is to Alison.

So, now you know how to win her heart.

Alison is also in training to become a chef and seems to specialize in pastries, but that's another story.

Despite her usual nerdy glasses look, every once in a while she does a gallery where she ditches the glasses and does the wild-sexy hair thing...

Currently, she's live on webcam in black stockings and a thrilling red-and-black corset and those new glasses of hers (a nerdy saloon girl). But don't let that stop you - ask her how many times she's seen the new Tron movie...

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

SinisterCams Models At LiveCamNetwork Now

Busty Alt-babe Fawn Sinister at LiveCamNetworkWhen chat hostesses shop and compare, it seems like those who like cool, nerdy, quality smart chat with guys and dolls, they go to

It seems like, before SinisterCams closed down it was a lot like LCN, and those cool, alternative babes over there are actually quite geared to the nerdy, geek fetish-kinky action of LiveCamNetwork.

So now there's the pierced, tattooed geekiness of Alaska Moon, who's logging in almost daily and merited a post last time with her sexy latex nurse gallery, along with these other confirmed Sinister Gals:

Fawn Sinister - foot fetish brunette with "red lips, green eyes" and a compleat PinUp style about her

Kaylee Danger is a petite auburn-haired cutie with beautiful body-art and a full-back tattoo you will gawk at.

Mariah Vaughn is a gorgeous black-haired Italian alt-girl "imported to the south" who thinks "it ain't real music without guitars" and has been in several alt-girl sites like SuicideGirls, GodsGirls and BurningAngel.

And finally, Kendra Lee Ryan is a saucy redhead with loads of elegant, sexy ink and a "nice, smackable ass". She goes on in her profile that she's "also been told my boobs are quite amazing."

There are others who have migrated to LCN and have been positively charmed by the classy, smart customers there (yes, we're kissing your butts :) ) so feel free to comment down below if you know for a fact you've found your favorite Sinister girl...

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Webcam News, Where Are They Now, and Sinister Happenings

Alaska Moon used to Chat on SinisterCamsThere's a lot happening and being announced at these days.

Just earlier today we posted about the Girl-a-Thong 360 event that is coming soon, for example, and the site is also sponsoring a special "Boys Night Out" event that is pretty unique to them.

If you click through various parts of LiveCamNetwork, such as this blog, the LCN Girls Twitter, the LCN Forums, etc., you may also know that there are fresh new webcam girls coming to the studios, or that Alaska Moon has posted that she'll be camming from her bubblebath tonight, or even the girl-girl show Trixie and Mercedes are planning.

We've also seen the return of a couple performers who were sick, like Mistress Rogue, or wounded, like LCN Ava (you should ask to see her scar!).

But you may not know however that the performer known as Robin or "RobinsRoom" is making a comeback soon, and that the bevy of hot, cool, geeky, pierced and tattooed babes who've recently signed up are from SinisterCams (which was recently bought and closed down by MyFreeCams)?

There's more... where that came from. Bookmark this blog if you want to keep up with some really cool news in the upcoming few weeks.

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New Live Party "Girl-a-Thong 360" Announced!

Live Party Babes In CostumesWell it's about time they did another Girl-a-Thong over at!

While there have been seven or so "GaTs", as they've been acronymed, it's been two years since their last one.

These amazing events usually feature two common ingredients: live cam babes in lingerie, and alcohol.

They started as extended live party chats, but as more girls were added, and interactive games played between them and the gentlemen chatters (who could buy the girls shots with the click of a button), as well as fetish/kink themes evolutions, they reached epic proportions.

We're talking over a dozen girls, hundreds, even thousands of viewers, four camera coverage and dual-screen displays. Classic.

Well this year there'll be yet another internet innovation from, LiveCamNetwork's parent company. They're calling it "Girl-a-Thing 360", using something called Miricam for the first time. Miricam displays 9 video screens at the same time on your monitor, and there will be as many cameras covering the party, available to watch at the same time or one at a time.

Oh, and you can turn on your cam too and join the party too. Crazy stuff...

Girl-a-Thong 360 will be on Thursday, July 21 - so you have plenty of time to schedule nothing else for that evening...

Stay tuned for more!

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Friday, June 03, 2011

Alison: New Gallery and Scheduled Nerdy Babe Chat Tonight

With all the action going down tonight on LiveCamNetwork, you'd think that's enough for one day/weekend/week... but we also have a couple new galleries to offer over the next few days.

Take for example this uber-sexy set with redhead Alison in a pair of thigh-high, rainbow-striped socks... or are they stockings?

Doesn't matter. They are leg coverings on a real, live hot amateur cam babe.

Alison's busty nerdiness will be filling your screens tonight from her home-boudoir, starting at 8:00 pm Eastern time, so break out the popcorn (she's fun too) and any other accessories *ahem* you might need and be there for the party.

There's no guarantee on the socks making an appearance, but of course Alison carries her short red hair, glasses and boobilicious charms with her wherever she goes (and comes). And of course, you can always ask her to whip 'em out.

See you there!

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Sexykitty & Naked Twister; Cassie is cumming!

Naked Twister Game LiveHidey Ho!

It looks like tonight will be a busy night on LiveCamNetwork! There are a ton of models scheduled to be up and about, ready to get you goin!
SexyKittyxo has planned a fun evening of naked twister....personally I am not quite sure how she will be doing this alone, but hey, Im thinking it will be a sexy shift with lots of teasing, funny moments...and awesome views.
SexyKitty Webcam

Cassie Live at LiveCamNetwork

Thank the gods of learning that school is out, and our resident smarty-pants Cassie is back! After spending many a moon away from us, our lovely learner will be logging in and getting it on the only way she knows how.

I seem to recall a conversation I had with her a while back....something about being able to squirt?


So let your liquid loving flag fly tonight!

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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Tall Naked Babes: Brooke's New Clip, Ava's Gimp Cam, Cassie's Come Back

Brooke Lynne Interview VideoLast we heard, kinky submissive Ava Mir Ausziehen had hurt herself riding a bike, and broke her elbow.

Well that was over a month ago and now, as Ava posts in a LiveCamNetwork BBS thread called Gimp Girl Returns, "now I am returned, scarred, and horny".

Catch Ava tonight at 7:00 pm Eastern.

In a new video clip interview, Brooke Lynne extols the wonders of webcam work. Featuring Brooke's sleek, sensuous frame in light lingerie (standing at a mirror so you get to see all sides at once), it's a YouTube video posted in the LiveCamNetwork forums.

Brooke herself will be online at 7:00 pm Eastern as well, so drop by and discover what makes camming such a natural to Brooke. Here's a hint: as she says in the clip, "I'm totally for a world with less pants and more orgasms."

On yet another tall sexy babe note, uber-geek and sci-fi trivia encyclopedia Cassie will be returning to the LCN studios this weekend.

She hasn't posted it in the LCN BBS yet, but her schedule has been updated (and there was a really neat banner on LiveCamNetwork earlier, but it's gone now; oh well). Get in early because once she starts her private and group shows, it just never ends.

Oh, and though it says she's starting at 9:00 PM Eastern on the site, a little bird told me that she's really going to be on at 8:00 PM. She just hadn't adjusted her settings for daily savings time.

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