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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hail The Jello Wrestling Queen and a New LCN Girl!

LCN Sophie Victoriously Holds Seized Panties Aloft.The reigning champion of last week's live Jello Wrestling bout at the Girl-a-Thong is back online this afternoon.

Yes, LiveCamNetwork Sophie, who managed to separate the other competitors from their g-strings or panties in the midst of all that gooey, sticky, messy green gelatin, will be logging in at 2:00 PM Eastern, ready to receive your adulation.

Meanwhile, take time tomorrow to meet a brand-spanking-new LiveCamNetwork girl, intense redhead Frankie Ferrari.

Frankie green eyes and sweet personality bely a fierce self-confidence (as she writes): "Though you might fall in love with my sweet smile and girl next door like personality, it will be my sexually charged performance during private chat that leaves you lusting for more. "

She's posted a few extra pictures of herself in her LiveCamNetwork Intro thread.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

New Girl-a-Thong Party Pictures Online - And More Coming Soon!

First GAT pictures!Well the party was wild and live and online at LiveCamNetwork and if you weren't there last Thursday... well, too bad.

You'll have to put up with the pictures - of the girls spanking and slut-paddling each other, wrestling in Jello, shooting back tequila and other drinks, and generally having a wild girls time.

Also, if you missed it you had the opportunity to catch a mini-GaT when Kedra and Xev got together again for a mutual orgasm inducing chat session just last night.

Hope you did catch it because as of today, both LCN Alison and Xev have taken short sabbaticals to recharge their batteries and get on with their offline lives.

Alison is an Okie going back home, dokie? and Xev has opted on "catching a bus to begin a week of being a hippie" - locking herself up in a cabin without power out in the middle of the woods...

Toldya they were "getting away" eh?

Anyhoo, if you use your time right you won't miss them for this short week what with babes like Beauty Bella, Luvly Jenny, Harlee, Kendra Lee, Amber Bee... well, all the LCN Babes. Let's not miss any - those are just some of those you'll catch tonight...

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Girl-a-Thong Action NOW

Just a quick reminder that the Girl-a-Thong is on NOW! Here's a screenshot for you to click your way to the free chat room and see ... what you can see, eh?

The ladies have already done the butt-whipping thing and played at shooters - though you can still buy them more - so drop on in why dont' you?

They still haven't taken up Brooke's Green Jello Wrestling challenge...

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Girl-a-Thong 360°: Countdown To Camgirlageddon!

Nerdy Girl is the New LiveCamNetwork toon babeWell the countdown is on - tomorrow night is Girl-a-Thong 360° - and the LCN Girls and are all-squeeee about the event.

Just to remind: the GaT is a live all-sexy-kinky-nerdy babe party featuring most of the LiveCamNetwork Girls, lingerie, alcohol, fetishes, and in this latest edition JELLO WRESTLING!

There will also be some home-based cam girl nerds making a special trip just to attend at the LCN Studios and the surprise return of some long-seen webcam favorites - shh it's a surprise!

The new LCN Girl toon babe, "Nerdy Girl" you see haunting the elevated butts of a past GaT here was put together for the new event just to celebrate these chat hostesses and the geeky things they so nerdily love: comic books (graphic novels please), sci-fi (science fiction please), horror movies and fantasy and star wars and star trek and sociology studies and science and WoW and cuisine and H.P. Lovecraft and ... so much cool stuff.

Drop by - you won't hate it I swear.

And if you can't make it - well, there's a two-woman Girl-a-Thong going down this Sunday night between the lascivious vicious Kedra and lusty busty Xev - together again as well, btw...

Please enjoy a couple galleries - one of an actual past live Girl-a-Thong partycast, and another of the LiveCamNetwork Girls partying in public. Limos are fun.

See you tomorrow night at 8:00 PM (eastern)!

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Sophie's Sexy Photoshoot - Caught On Video

LiveCamNetwork: Sophie's Sexy Photoshoot by LiveCamNetwork

As you may have heard - girls like shoes. Really, really like shoes. After getting a very special gift box, filled with sexy thigh-high boots a few weeks back (check out this thread for more details: An AWESOME LCN GUY buys Sophie boots. GIRLS GO NUTS! Pics!) Sophie couldn’t wait to show them off! What better excuse for a photoshoot!

With Xev Delexx behind the trusty digital camera, there were certainly no complaints as Sophie slipped into several sultry outfits, and struck pose after pose!

Seeing the opportunity for some new content, our video-savvy Brooke Lynne managed to catch all the sexy-goodness on video. Take a peek behind the scenes of this hot little photoshoot with our LiveCamNetwork ladies - Sophie and Xev Delexx!

Like what you see? Then stay on top of all the fun, steamy action - subscribe to LiveCamNetwork's Daily Motion Channel, and YouTube Channel. Tons more to come!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Camgirl Birthdays, Xeviversaries and Upcoming Going-Downs

Xev Boobs on WebcamThere's been a lot of birthdays happening at LiveCamNetwork lately - but noticing this sort of thing is what happens when any community's been around long enough.

Still there's lots of birthdays lately such as LCN Girls Harlee, Mercedes, Sophie and FoxxieFiona - all starting with Kedra's just a few weeks ago- not including the birthdays of many of the gentlemen chatters, judging from the LCN BBS forums.

And then there's anniversaries such as the recent first-year webcam chat evening with ooDaisy and the upcoming third-year online party or "Xeviversary" as Xev is calling it this year.

The community at LCN is tight, cozy and has been growing for years now, so cycles of many birthdays, webcammerversaries, and other celebratory events often end up in chat-evening sessions of  a unique and more-fun-than usual flavor.

Check out LiveCamNetwork Xev on August 1st - she's doing 2:00 to 5:00 PM eastern for the boys who can't be there in the evening, and then 7 to 9 PM for those who couldn't be there day time.

'Cause that's just the kinda nerdy gals they are...

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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Super Cute Blonde Nana

Nana Nicole Webcams At LiveCamNetworkOne of LiveCamNetwork's favorite chat babes isn't a studio girl, but she nonetheless meets much demand and many posts in her appreciation thread at th LCN BBS Forums.

Nana Nicole however decided to drop in on the LCN studios recently, sitting down for a coffee and some girl-talk with Xev and Brooke before agreeing to pose for a few photos.

The gallery has been posted and some pics as well were shown in the BBS, featuring the crazily cute Nana in denim jeans shorts, a bodysuit and a couple other costume changes.

But what doesn't change is her cute and her fun - as you can see in the image here or find out yourself if you drop by her free chat room - she's due to log in at 1:00 PM eastern time.

Wink, nudge.

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