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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dame Demise Delights

Dame Demise Delights the GuysDelightful Dame Demise has taken a sabbatical from LiveCamNetwork, time to setup and prep for school it seems and various other sidelines.

Since she hasn't been on for a bit, and isn't scheduled (boo-hoo) we thought we'd bring you this gallery of her being all sexy with a pair of glasses and a book - an H.P. LoveCraft Compendium, no less.

Among other scheduled delights today we have Ms Brooke Lynne, who's posted that she'll be late due to some school-related matters but will stay on later if she does end up being late... since she's already on it's hard to tell when she'll stay til, so hustle on down to her laughter filled, leg-filled chat room now, heheh.

Speaking of online now, as you read this, there are busty Autumn, geeky sexy Liberty Lane and more - a really good line up we could write reams about... why don't you just go see them yourself.

Then there's the return a little later tonight of Alison Kerry, nerdy cam-babe du jour and apparently quite the cook...

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sexy Top Hats and Checkered Stockings Cosplay With Alison

Cosplay Sexiness with AlisonYou'll wanna be there tonight with ms Alison Kerry for some sexy geeky nerdy fun when she joins an already impressive line up so far today.

While she may not be puttin' on her tophat, brushing up her red hair and polishing her nails, as she is in this funky cosplay gallery, you might be...

After all, as you read this, there's the brunette cuteness of old-fashioned miss Sophie's sophistication to contend with in one room, the graceful modern elegance of Emma Dancer featured in another, and LCN Alice's exotic allure in yet another.

Later you'll also have to negotiate Brooke Lynne's own external and internal kinks, in whatever form she chooses to manifest them tonight - and that is just the half of it.

A little bird (no no, not the LiveCamNetwork Twitter) may have also dropped a seed or two about some upcoming surprises and events as it flew through the LCN Chatrooms... but you'll just have to log in for some wild webcam chat yourself to hear all about it.

We'll catch you on the fly...

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Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Two Sides of CamGirl Brooke Lynne

Nude, black & white self-portrait by BrookeDespite her easy, infectious laugh and perpetually positive penchant in the chat room, LiveCamNetwork's Brooke Lynne has a darker, more brooding side.

She doesn't tend to bring it out in her day-to-day dealings on or off webcam, though, but it can be seen in some of her art, both created and favored.

Her own "Musings of a Cam Girl" blog is sub-titled "The Path of Enlightenment through Chronic Masturbation" after all, and her expressed nerdiness is not found in the more normal light of a structured universe but rather through the work of folks like H.P. Lovecraft.

Also, rather than taking a few sexy pics of herself doing fun stuff like office work without panties, she has offered up this riveting black and white solf-portrait gallery...

All of course as a contradictory introductory to her on-cam self, which she will be actually manifesting shortly at LCN - check her out this evening starting at 7:00 PM Eastern and learn the sweetness of ... contrasts.

See you then!

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Monday, August 01, 2011

Xeviversary Chat In Two Parts

Xev made her own banner for her XeviversaryAs announced a a couple of weeks ago, LCN Xev will be celebrating her third year chatting at LiveCamNetwork today... and tonight.

That's right, in order to please all comers, ahem, Xev has split her day into two shifts - for the day people and the evening people.

Online as you read this, she's in her pink polka-dot bikini mixing Martinis and being cute as hell with her blonde wavy hair in tails. And she'll be back later tonight if you couldn't make it!

If Xev is too busy in private, and you don't just want to spy on her, drop into Amber Bee's room and check her her new blonde locks.

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