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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ups and Downs and Trisha Uptown Too - LiveCamNetwork News Update!

See Trisha Uptown on Webcam at LCNWe have not posted here enough lately - but we've been very busy cooking up some surprises and with other things that, well... this is but one on a long list!

First let's get to exciting news about recent returns. As you may know, the honey-haired French girl Miel has recently been spotted doing insanely sexy things in free chat, but also just announced is the return of Violet Manson to the screens of LiveCamNetwork!

Although she's not on the schedule yet, a nice nice classic pic of her was posted under the header "She's Baaaack" in the LCN BBS - so look out for her coming (ahem)  soon!

Brand new to LCN however and very well known indeed is Trisha Uptown! Yes, the tight-bodied "blonde next door" babe has signed on and is tentatively scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday) night around 10 or 11 PM Eastern.

Here's a few shots posted in the BBS of her...

Now in other news.... it's Daisy's Birthday!! Yes the absolute flower of LCN is celebrating her 21st birthday today (last night she celebrated her last night as a 20 year-old online) and is now legal to drink (and other things) anywhere she wants!

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Friday, September 02, 2011

Vienna Anxiety and Brooke Hilarity

Brooke Lynne is currently online and rocking the boys and is just as excited as they are about the imminent return of Vienna...

Vienna, yes that Vienna - of the luscious lips and the pinup kitsch sensibilities, whose curves match those of the classic wasp-waisted babes of yore...

Unfortunately, there's no pics of Vienna yet so we've posted a quick screen-cap gallery of Brooke doing naughty things with her bum as an appetizer for Vieanna's return and Brooke's current turn in the chat room.

Brooke's actually currently laughing it up (she's always having a great tim0 leather-strapped and a little kinkier than in that gallery with glasses and a slut-paddle... no glasses, sorry.

Ah, well, the things one must put up with...

Ahem... let us go have fun on webcam.

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