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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Honey Dripping Blonde Fun on Webcam and News News News!

French HoneyDripper live on cam at LCNThere've been many reports of late at LCN that we'd thought to bring your attention to.

On cam as this is being written, and captured being naughty at left, is French booty honey Miel, looking rather nerdy in her horn-rimmed glasses there.

Also back after not being seen in ... well, forever, was gothabilly funkette Violet Manson, fresh-out-of-high-school Daisy and busty chameleon Xev in yet another haircarnation.

Although the buck-a-minute Group Chat special is over, it's so painless to hang out at LiveCamNetwork that you're sure to come across it again in time...

For example: tonight's line-up... you can hook up with Amber Bee's DD's and "what I've been told are very adorable feet", follow up with Harlee's Classy Nerdiness and finish up with curvy brunette Fiona's innocent brown eyes... (ahem)

And last but not least, for those boob-tube junkies out there who wish Webdreams still featured The LCN Girls and the crew - a new pilot for another reality-style "Docuseries" featuring only our little LCN Community is in the works, with a casting call going out to all in the LiveCamNetwork Forums.

Maybe you too can be a star, baby... head on over and a catch all the action now!

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Blogger ncc74656 said...

Better tell kedra she'll probably want to be on tv again

1:07 PM  

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