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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New LCN Hottie - Audrey Rose Takes Geek Cred To A New Level

Kink And Rubiks Cubes.  Chat with Audrey LIVE
LiveCamNetwork is super sex-cited to have sexy kinkster, Audrey Rose join the LCN community.  Audrey is brilliant, sweet with an absolute wild side!  Just check out some of the toys she has lined up to play with this evening:  Audrey's Sexy Toys.

Audrey has confessed her love and obsession for all things Rubiks Cube related, as well as a healthy lust for Venture Brothers and Archer.  Brains and beauty to boot, Audrey is one sexy LCN lady you do not want to miss out on.  She is schedule to appear several times this week with hints of a naughty, new dice game in the works.  Perhaps if we are lucky she will do another rendition of her delighfully nerdy Rubiks Cube striptease from her last show (Pics Here).

There is no doubt that this lady is smoking hot in many ways and sure to titilate more than just your...mind.

In other news - LiveCamNetwork has brought back the $1.00/min Group Chat Sale with participating models.  For $1.00 a minute you can get hot, heavy and naked with some your favourite LCN girls! $20.00 worth of tokens = a full, uncensored 20 minutes - talk about getting more bang for your buck ;)  

The $1.00/min Group Sale is only running for a limited time, so take full advantage of these sexy saving while you can.  And remember - in Group Chat, the more the merrier!

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