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Monday, February 25, 2013

New Tech Upgrade Coming Soon To LiveCamNetwork.Com

Some new, exciting, and visually stimulating changes are on their way to  In a forum thread last weekend, some of the new video chat features for LiveCamNetwork 4.7 were revealed, and they look SEXY!!

Some of the changes that will be coming with upgrade are:
  • Larger video sizes (up to 1024 wide by 576 pixels high).
  • Improved H.264, which means super-sharp, clear HD video images.  See all the sexy action as though it was really there in front of you!
  •  Up to 60 frames-per-second for in-motion video capture.  No more motion blur - don't miss a beat from your hottest VIP chats.
  • Multi-Camera support!  That's right - now your favorite models can plug in not one, but 2 or 3 cameras and switch between them for your viewing pleasure!
Those are just a few of the changes in the works for the new upgrade.  By clicking the picture to the left, you can see for yourself what a difference the upgrade will make to your viewing experience.  LCN Girl, Brookelynne Briar said she "Could not wait to get down and naughty with the multiple camera function."  As well she said "Call me a size-queen, but 1024x576 video sounds soooo sexy!"  Apparently we have a technophile on our hands ;)

You can read more about the changes to be expected with the LiveCamNetwork 4.7 upgrade on the "Technology Upgrade For LiveCamNetwork (LCN4.7) With Better Video" Forum Thread.  We can't wait to see what all the upgrade has in store!

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